How To Imagine Autumn

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How To Imagine Autumn
How To Imagine Autumn

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Autumn can be imagined in different ways. This is the gold of the leaves, and the red fire, and gloomy rainy grayness, and even fragile greenery under the unexpectedly fallen early snow. However, there are general images that this time of year evokes. Depending on the goals and you need to apply the "effects" that characterize the fall.

How to imagine autumn
How to imagine autumn


Step 1

No matter how multifaceted nature may be in the autumn period, this time of the year is still associated most often with warm colors. Yellow, orange, red, brown colors and all kinds of their shades will help you convey the mood of autumn, since it is the pictures of seasonal changes in nature, familiar to everyone from childhood, that make you tune in the right way.

Step 2

Use these colors to create an autumn look in makeup or clothing. Warm terracotta blush, chocolate eyeshadow or eyeliner, fabrics with medium bristles in mustard, purple, coffee colors - golden and copper sparkles will make your look warm and soft.

Step 3

Sometimes a simple subtle hint is enough. Choose an accessory that will evoke autumn associations: a golden brooch with a crimson maple leaf or a natural stone pendant in a matching color scheme.

Step 4

If you want to sew a carnival costume for a child, add the characteristic "attributes" of autumn - leaves. Use fabric, colored dense cellophane or foil to create them. Add bright red mountain ash brushes using lacquered beads or deep scarlet rhinestones.

Step 5

To represent autumn in theatrical performances, display the harvest season, the abundance of all kinds of fruits and vegetables harvested in the fall. Refer to literature describing this time of year. Read poems about autumn and quote lines with colorful descriptions of it.

Step 6

To convey autumn moods on canvas or a piece of paper, use the yellow-red palette again. If you want to display discouragement and slush, use gray colors. Late autumn is a time of wilting. Depict trees with bent branches and flying foliage, a dark land damp from rain, over which a light fog rises.

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