How To Store Folders

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How To Store Folders
How To Store Folders

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Various folders and classifiers have long become part of not only office, but also home environment. Indeed, this is a very convenient way of storing as well as thematic distribution of documents. But when there are too many folders, there is a problem of their distribution in the workspace.

How to store folders
How to store folders


  • - folders;
  • - paper trays;
  • - stickers;
  • - boxes;
  • - pen.


Step 1

Understand the contents of the folders. It should be organized according to some general principle to make it easier to find a specific document. For example, students should designate a folder for each subject. A working person can do the distribution by field of activity, as well as allocate two or three folders for especially important or urgent papers. Having chosen a classification system, arrange all the papers according to the system and stick stickers on the folders with a record of what is stored in them.

Step 2

Figure out how best to arrange the resulting folders. If they are large and stable, you can simply arrange them on the shelf by theme. Thin and flexible folders are best stored horizontally. However, large stacks are inconvenient to use, so stack them in the paper trays at a time. When doing this, also observe the thematic classification to make it easier to search for information.

Step 3

If you need thin folders to sit on the shelf, use a divider. It can be either in the form of a partition separating one part of the shelf from another, or in the form of a vertical open tray for papers. Thus, when you remove one folder from the shelf, the rest will not start to fall and there will not be a mess.

Step 4

For a very large number of folders, such as organizing storage in a company archive, use a storage system in racks. Thus, papers are stored in state depositories. At the same time, folders are stored in special boxes installed on racks. The peculiarity of these boxes is that they do not open from the top, but from the side, which allows you to get the folder you need. Without removing the entire heavy container from the rack. On the same side cover, it makes sense to stick a sticker with information about what documents are inside the storage section.

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