How To Evaluate A Parcel

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How To Evaluate A Parcel
How To Evaluate A Parcel

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One of the possible ways of delivering goods to the buyer is by postal item (parcel or parcel post) with cash on delivery, which is well known to the owners of online stores. In this case, postage is included in the cost of the goods, and therefore it is imperative to know the system of postage rates when evaluating a shipment so as not to incur unnecessary losses.

How to evaluate a parcel
How to evaluate a parcel


  • - the postal code of the recipient;
  • - weight of the parcel without packaging;
  • - the cost of the inventory check service;
  • - the cost of postal packaging (package or box).


Step 1

Calculate the cost of sending a parcel using the automatic tariffication on the Russian Post website. To do this, you will need to know the recipient's postal code, the weight of your package without packaging and its declared value. If you enter all these data in the corresponding tariffication windows, and also indicate the type of shipment and the method of delivery (most often a valuable parcel by land transport), then you can find out the cost of the shipment itself and the amount of insurance fee.

Step 2

Add another 18% to the amount received - the automatic tariffication does not take into account the value added tax, which is charged when sending, if you pay for the service in cash, and not by postage. Entrepreneurs often make mistakes in calculating the cost of mail services, precisely by overlooking VAT.

Step 3

Do not forget also that for checking the inventory at the post office or at the post office, a fee is also charged at a single rate established for all valuable items. In order not to make mistakes in your calculations, check with the post office employee in advance how much the inventory check service will cost.

Step 4

Purchase a container for your shipment - a mail bag or a box of a suitable size. Most often, containers are bought at the same post office from which the parcel is sent, but if you make mailings regularly, it will be more profitable and more convenient to purchase packages or boxes in bulk at prices that differ from retail prices by almost half. Also add the cost of the container to the amount that you got when calculating the cost of shipping and checking the inventory.

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