How To Order A Helicopter

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How To Order A Helicopter
How To Order A Helicopter

Video: How To Order A Helicopter

Video: How To Order A Helicopter
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In a modern big city, a helicopter is sometimes the only way to not be late by the appointed time. It will fly around all traffic jams, really shorten the way, and the bird's-eye view of the city will give you an unforgettable experience. That is why more and more businessmen are purchasing light helicopters for private use.

How to order a helicopter
How to order a helicopter


Step 1

Even those who do not have the opportunity to purchase a rotary-wing aircraft can take off in a helicopter. To do this, you need to rent it for a while. Local air clubs are happy to provide citizens with this opportunity, since such flights bring them a good income. The equipment is rented for weddings, birthdays, they fly on educational tourist flights, for hunting and fishing, for urgent negotiations and just like that, for pleasure.

Step 2

To order a helicopter, find an air club in your city that provides helicopters for rent. They usually advertise their services in newspapers, magazines, radio or local television.

Step 3

Call there and make an appointment. Collect information about this air club in advance. Ask friends and family if someone has already used their services. Search your local forums online for reviews of this company. At the same time, find out what you should pay attention to when ordering.

Step 4

Arriving at the selected aviation club, ask for its license and pilot qualifications. Specify all the conditions of the order in advance.

Fill out the contract, indicate the number of passengers, the destination (if possible, the exact route), the number of landings and the time for them. Based on these data, specialists will calculate the cost, flight time, and develop a route. Make a prepayment.

Step 5

Conclude an insurance contract, this document is mandatory today even if you have already insured your life. The fact is that a flight is an increased risk and is not included in the terms of a regular contract.

Step 6

Book a flight in advance, at least 2 days in advance, remember that before you take off into the air, you need to agree on the route sheet and obtain a flight permit. In addition, the car must pass technical control.

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