How To Post An Ad

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How To Post An Ad
How To Post An Ad

Video: How To Post An Ad

Video: How To Post An Ad
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Today, people have the ability to exchange information in almost real time. Using the Internet, mobile communication, you can send your message to the person concerned almost immediately. But, when it is necessary to notify as many people as possible, whose contact details you do not have, you can use the old, proven method - hang up an ad written on paper.

How to post an ad
How to post an ad


Step 1

Think about the size of the sheet of paper on which your ad will be written. If it is hung on a wall or other surface, where there are no other advertisements next to it, then the sheet can be large - A3 or even A4 format. When you are going to place it on a bulletin board, where there is little space, you will have to limit yourself to half an A4 sheet.

Step 2

In this case, we advise you to choose paper that is different in color from the rest of the ads - this will help you not to get lost on your information board. But keep in mind that the color of the paper is not very saturated, so that the text placed on it is easy to read. Do not use printed paper for announcements, it makes it difficult to read.

Step 3

In accordance with the size of the paper, think over the information that you are going to communicate and formulate it in an accessible, but concise form. The text should be such that it is almost immediately perceived by the human brain, so that it does not have to waste time on reading and comprehending it.

Step 4

Also, consider the paper size and choose a font size so that the words can be seen well enough even at a small distance. The color of the paper and type should be contrasting. You can use different font colors to attract attention. For example, the word "Announcement" can be written in red letters and the rest of the message in black.

Step 5

If the text of your ad contains phones that anyone can call, then provide for the possibility of placing them in the tear-off fields at the bottom so that those who cannot write down such a phone can simply tear off a piece of paper with this number.

Step 6

Try to hang your ad at human eye level. In this case, the likelihood that it will be seen by people passing by increases. Stick it firmly enough that it is difficult enough for wind or vandals to rip it off.

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