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How Is The Examination
How Is The Examination

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In the process of using shoes, hidden defects can come to light. It is not always possible to establish the cause of a marriage immediately. If a conflict arises between the seller to whom the shoes were returned and the manufacturer, special expertise may be required. In the course of competent research, the experts check the footwear for compliance with the standards and issue their opinion.

How is the examination
How is the examination


Step 1

Examination of footwear to identify defects can be carried out at the request of an organization or a private person. When examining the submitted sample, experts use organoleptic methods: external examination, palpation, as well as special tools, such as tweezers, a magnifying glass and the simplest measuring instruments.

Step 2

Before the start of the examination, the specialist examines the accompanying documents that are attached by the applicant to the written claim. The expert compares this data with normative and technical documentation and state standards. This allows for a full examination. A pair of shoes is subjected to expert research, but the expert makes the final conclusion regarding the item of the pair that has the worst quality.

Step 3

The study is carried out using a measuring tape or ruler, as well as a magnifying glass with sufficient magnification. If such a need arises, a laboratory study is performed using one of the non-destructive testing methods. The expert makes the choice of the method, guided by the experience and facts stated in the application.

Step 4

During the research, the expert identifies product defects. They can be minor, very significant, or even critical. Defects are also divided into explicit and latent. It is possible to detect hidden defects only using special methods, and obvious flaws can be easily identified even with an external examination of the sample presented for research.

Step 5

Based on the results of the examination, the expert draws up an act or conclusion. The document indicates how the presented sample of shoes meets the existing consumer standards. The conclusion also reflects the research methods used, and also makes a reasonable conclusion about the possibility of using this shoe for its intended purpose.

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