How To Reduce Appetite

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How To Reduce Appetite
How To Reduce Appetite

Video: How To Reduce Appetite

Video: How To Reduce Appetite
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Until now, many people confuse the words "appetite" and "hunger". Hunger is a necessary feeling, it signals that the body does not have enough nutrients to support life. But appetite, especially uncontrolled, can lead to weight gain and even obesity.

How to reduce appetite
How to reduce appetite


Step 1

Eat slowly to reduce your appetite. Chew food thoroughly. Take small bites and enjoy the taste. Don't put a lot of food on your plate. If you feel like you're not full, take a supplement. And if you have satisfied your hunger, you should not forcefully send everything that is left on the plate into your mouth. Extra portions stretch the stomach, making it require more and more meals to fill.

Step 2

Drink a glass of water before every meal. This will help reduce your appetite and help you fill up with much less food.

Step 3

Reduce your intake of sweets. It is it that whets the appetite. The thing is that fast carbohydrates, absorbed into the bloodstream, give the body a feeling of satiety for ten to thirty minutes. Then the person again feels hunger, and much stronger than before eating cakes and sweets.

Step 4

Drink green tea. It contains beneficial enzymes that suppress appetite. As soon as you feel that you want to eat something in excess of the norm, brew a cup of strong green drink. Don't add sugar! Otherwise, tea will turn from an appetite stabilizer into a catalyst.

Step 5

Eat foods that contain fiber. These are coarse bread, raw fruits and vegetables. Once in the stomach, they expand in it, giving the body a feeling of fullness and reducing appetite.

Step 6

Don't eat in company. If you are full or just not hungry, drink tea, mineral water, coffee. Don't be tempted to eat a bite if you don't want to. Explain to everyone that extra snacks lead to rapid weight gain.

Step 7

Find a hobby or hobby. Then you simply won't have time to think about food. Very often, the appetite wakes up when there is nothing to do. Don't leave a single free minute. This will not only allow you to lose weight, but also make new acquaintances, discover a lot of interesting things.

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