How Not To Have Supper In The Evening

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How Not To Have Supper In The Evening
How Not To Have Supper In The Evening

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Video: How Not To Have Supper In The Evening
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Opinions vary as to whether or not to have dinner in the evening. That being said, people often overlook the very wisdom that breakfast and lunch should be plentiful enough.

How not to have supper in the evening
How not to have supper in the evening


Step 1

If your goal is not to have dinner in the evening, follow your decision without doing yourself any favors. Your sense of purpose should feed willpower. It is important here to find one, or better a few key phrases that will help you hold on and not eat anything. For example: “I can have supper, I can not. What is important is what only I need”.

Step 2

Keep in mind that refusing to eat dinner must be justified. Nutrition is designed to be healthy and balanced. This means that you should have a hearty breakfast and a nutritious enough lunch, regardless of your diet or any food preferences.

Step 3

Don't be tempted by dinner, even if you have a variety of delicious and aromatic dishes or drinks in front of you. After all, you have already had breakfast and dinner! Your digestive system must have time to digest everything and rest in order to fill you with strength.

Step 4

Drink a glass of water if you feel hungry. As a rule, a hungry person will have a repeat symptom of hunger, but if you are full, you will forget about food. People often confuse hunger and thirst. If hunger still haunts you, reconsider your diet and add more nutritious foods so as not to eat dinner.

Step 5

Distract yourself with any enjoyable activity or urgent task. Interestingly, when you give up dinner, you will find that there is free time that can be used to great benefit. Come up with a new hobby, go in for fitness, dance.

Step 6

Spend the evening with friends. Make it your goal to enjoy the conversation, not the food. Allow yourself a glass of mineral water in case you are invited to the table.

Step 7

Plan your leisure time. Then you can calmly give up dinner and broaden your horizons. Schedule a trip to the theater, to a concert, go to the cinema. Moreover, this does not necessarily require a companion, if suddenly all the friends were busy.

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