What Can You Do While Lying On The Couch

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What Can You Do While Lying On The Couch
What Can You Do While Lying On The Couch

Video: What Can You Do While Lying On The Couch

Video: What Can You Do While Lying On The Couch
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In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, a person often does not notice how useful and exciting his stay in a horizontal position can be. If you think that you can watch TV, drink beer, or just sit back on the couch, you are deeply mistaken. You can associate almost any activity with a sofa, from sports to online education.

What can you do while lying on the couch
What can you do while lying on the couch


There is a whole range of physical exercises that must be performed while lying down. Exercises "birch", "bicycle", "scissors", of course, are best performed on a hard surface, but if for some reason it is not possible to do this on the floor, an elastic sofa may well replace a sports mat. You can also do yoga or exercise your abs on the couch. Thus, the sofa can contribute to losing weight and keeping your body in shape.

Sexologists believe that five minutes of sex can replace fifteen minutes of exercise. However, not every apartment or even every private house has a luxurious Arabian bed, so the sofa is in the first place among the available surfaces for making love.

If the sofa is also expanded, then the usable area becomes almost twice as large. A variety of postures and the activity of partners will undoubtedly help get rid of a couple of extra pounds.

You can also successfully do Kegel exercises on the couch to train the pelvic muscles. In addition to increasing the elasticity of the vaginal muscles in women, they help prevent age-related diseases such as fecal and urinary incontinence, hemorrhoids, uncontrolled flatulence and prostatitis, which are common not only for women, but also for men.


For a freelancer, a sofa can become not only a fitness club, but also an office. Sitting or lying on the couch with a laptop on your lap, you can do design, website building, article writing, and other useful computer-related creative work. Lying on the couch, you can become a photographer, an artist, and a model.

In the field of freelancing, remote workers are required more and more every year, today "free laborers" are mastering new areas of work at home. In this setting, the sofa becomes the workplace of the future.

A home call-center can also be set up on this piece of furniture, you only need a laptop with Skype or a regular or mobile phone. With a sofa, a lot of opportunities will open up for you, because now you can go through an interview without leaving a comfortable and warm place, in a calm and familiar atmosphere, however, this is possible only if the interlocutor does not need to see your face and the position of your body.

Do needlework

Sitting or reclining on the sofa, you can sew a wedding dress and summer outfit, knit a sweater and socks, embroider with a cross and satin stitch. The sofa is in second place after the chair, on which you can do almost all work with a needle, knitting needle or crochet. To create a wonderful lampshade for a bedroom, embroider a picture with a mountain landscape, an icon or a portrait of the president, sew on a button, sew a pocket or insert an elastic band into panties - all this can be done lying on the couch, only occasionally being distracted by your favorite TV show.

To study

Lying on the couch, a student can write a term paper or even a thesis, prepare for a session, and a student for a test or exam. If you are thinking about getting additional education, the sofa is not a hindrance to you, but a friend and assistant. On it you can take preparatory courses for entering a university, additional courses in any profile, master a new profession, prepare for passing traffic rules, you can even get a higher education and learn a foreign language.

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