How To Deal With Fire

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How To Deal With Fire
How To Deal With Fire

Video: How To Deal With Fire

Video: How To Deal With Fire
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Most fires are caused by the fault of a person, because of his irresponsibility and carelessness. Observing certain rules of behavior, you can avoid it, and if it occurs, you can quickly fix the problem and do without injury.

How to deal with fire
How to deal with fire


Step 1

Never smoke in an armchair, couch or in bed - being in this position, it is easy to fall asleep with a burning cigarette. Even the slightest spark will smolder the fabric of the bed or furniture upholstery, and you and your household can suffocate from the smoke. Cigarettes should be extinguished and thrown into an empty bin, away from combustible waste and paper.

Step 2

Also, you should not smoke near flammable substances, in particular at gas stations. Keep cigarettes, candles and matches out of the reach of children. Check the plugs of all electrical appliances from time to time for overheating. Before leaving the house, turn off the heaters, gas stove, lights and other electrical appliances except the refrigerator.

Step 3

Do not use homemade electric heaters. Place the heater in a spacious area, away from curtains and furniture. Do not plug several powerful devices into one outlet, this will lead to overheating of the wiring and melting of the wire sheath. The resulting short circuit is a common cause of fires.

Step 4

Pay close attention to the oven. To troubleshoot, call a specialist, do not try to cope on your own. The base of the stove should be lined with ceramic tiles or bricks. Place a 50 x 70 cm metal sheet in front of the firebox.

Step 5

Do not leave the heating stove unattended. Do not dry your laundry near a gas stove, fireplace or stove. It is undesirable to kindle them with flammable liquids, very often this results in burns. Clean your chimney regularly. If you have a centralized water supply, connect a fire hydrant with a hose.

Step 6

Do not use a defective gas stove, stove, socket or electrical appliance with a damaged plug or wire. It may lead to fire, check and repair these items in a timely manner.

Step 7

Handle pyrotechnics with care, strictly follow the instructions provided. Do not leave lighted candles near paper items, flammable substances, or curtains.

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