How To Behave In A Hospital In

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How To Behave In A Hospital In
How To Behave In A Hospital In

Video: How To Behave In A Hospital In

Video: How To Behave In A Hospital In
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Not all Russian hospitals serve as role models, often people face indifference and violations of patient rights. This can unsettle a healthy person, let alone sick people. But the patient's rights are still protected, this is reflected in the “Fundamentals of legislation on the protection of the health of citizens of the Russian Federation” The document contains 15 points that health professionals must follow.

How to behave in a hospital
How to behave in a hospital


compulsory medical insurance policy


Step 1

Health fundamentals require healthcare professionals to treat patients with respect and humility. But nosocomial orders do not seem to provide for this, but they clearly state how many forms the emergency doctor on duty must fill out when a patient is admitted. And the time you spend waiting is not specified anywhere. Therefore, if you do not remind of yourself, you can be ignored for a long time.

Step 2

You can choose another doctor and another medical and prophylactic institution - this is guaranteed by the article of the law on compulsory insurance in the Russian Federation. A citizen is usually assigned to the hospital and clinic at the place of residence, but if they do not suit him for some reason, he has the right to change them. But all this is done only through your insurance company.

Step 3

If during the course of treatment you begin to experience severe pain that is not relieved by conventional analgesics, ask your doctor to prescribe strong drugs for you. This is possible in the case of acute (3-4 points) or chronic pain syndrome. Your doctor will determine if you need narcotic analgesics. But doctors are in no rush to use these drugs, so you may have to file a complaint with the health department or contact your insurance company.

Step 4

While in the hospital, you can refuse treatment that does not suit you. These can be any procedures, examinations, operations, medicines prescribed by the attending physician. In this case, you must be explained the consequences of your refusal.

Step 5

Often, patients, especially pregnant women, are forced to undergo some kind of routine examination. You need to find out in advance in the maternity hospital which examinations and tests are required, you can safely refuse everything else.

Step 6

You have every right to review and even make copies of your medical record. If the doctor opposes this action, say that it is contrary to the legislation of the Russian Federation. To clarify some aspects of treatment that your doctor does not explain to you, contact the head of the department or the chief doctor of the hospital.

Step 7

Also, with complaints about the quality of the provision of medical services, you can contact your insurance company, it is obliged to monitor the worthy fulfillment of their duties by medical workers. You will find the phone number on your compulsory medical insurance policy. If you are persistent, the insurance company will conduct an examination of the quality of medical care, arrange for an independent specialist consultation and give you a referral to another medical institution.

Step 8

Do not be afraid to defend your rights, especially if you feel the wrong and ineffective treatment, or are faced with the rudeness of the medical staff.

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