What Is A Project

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What Is A Project
What Is A Project

There are many types of projects, between which there are quite significant differences. A project is understood as a description or a detailed plan of future activities, which is aimed at achieving a certain result or goal. This can be the creation of a unique product or service that is limited by certain resources and has a certain risk. Preparing a project is called design.

What is a project
What is a project


Step 1

The project has several characteristics that are unique to it. These characteristics determine whether this activity is a project.

Step 2

The key parameter is temporality, since any project has a certain framework that is limited in time. If there is no such restriction, then the program is rather implied.

Step 3

Project work should stimulate the achievement of certain results. They can be some kind of financial indicators for a certain period, or the release of a certain product. It is important to understand that launching something new is a project and the manufacturing process is a program.

Step 4

The development of the project is carried out sequentially, because any project is limited in time, and therefore it goes through certain steps. These phases are limited to the content and objectives of the project, which are set at the outset.

Step 5

The development of project activities is greatly influenced by other factors. For example, depending on the cultural environment (morals, ethical norms), the content of the work will also change. The political or international environment can play a large role if the work is carried out taking into account these characteristics (territory, local resources, economy, political situation).

Step 6

The environment of the project changes during its execution. Changes can be both positive and negative. The project management discipline deals with changes in the project.

Step 7

The project clearly defines the goal, considers all the limitations of the activity and has a goal to achieve the uniqueness of the result. Unlike any other process, the project is final and defined through constraints.

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