What Does The Name Victor Mean?

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What Does The Name Victor Mean?
What Does The Name Victor Mean?

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The name Victor is translated from Greek as "winner". It foreshadows its owner to be a leader in life. It is curious that Victor himself does not strive for this at all.

One of the most famous owners of this name is Viktor Tsoi
One of the most famous owners of this name is Viktor Tsoi

The meaning of the name Victor in childhood

Since childhood, little Vitya has been growing up as a very sympathetic and trusting child. This is an impressionable boy who will be painful to perceive the deception of his friends or parents. However, Vitya will not keep evil for a long time and will quickly forget about the pain caused to him. In principle, Vitya does not bring much trouble to his parents in childhood; on the contrary, he helps them in everything, treating them with great respect.

Little Vitya does not think long about how to spend his free time, because besides ordinary children's toys, he loves all kinds of activities that require a lot of activity. In addition, the boy has great learning abilities and can enjoy reading and even music with pleasure. Nevertheless, Vitya prefers active games of scouts, pirates, Indians. You can't get this boy home from the street!

The meaning of the name Victor in adulthood

In principle, the matured Victor does not change much. In most cases, he practically does not change the character inherent in childhood. But Victor looks at the world around him with completely different eyes. It is curious that the craving for adventure and adventurism still remains in his blood, but he perceives the surrounding reality as an adult, and not as a child.

The owner of the name Victor can be called a hardworking and purposeful person. These men constantly set goals for themselves, but sometimes they cannot achieve them, because they do not calculate their ambitions. The name Victor in most cases gives its owner a measured and calm, but there are also situations when Vitya is simply not going to put up with the current state of affairs, and any fiasco in general can drive this person out of himself.

Victor's family life

Victor is a wonderful family man. He treats his family with great care and patience. As a life partner, he will definitely choose an intelligent, active and purposeful woman. It is worth noting that if Victor marries for true love, then his soul will be completely open to his soul mate. In everyday life, Victor will strive to fulfill any desire of his beloved woman and will try to ensure that his family does not need anything. Father Victor is a strict and demanding person. He wants to cultivate accuracy, responsibility, ambition and respect for work in his children.

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