How To Connect A Solarium

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How To Connect A Solarium
How To Connect A Solarium

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A modern solarium is not just a set of lamps of a certain power, with a spectrum of UVA and UVB rays, hidden in the body. The solarium is a technically sophisticated piece of equipment. Therefore, in one row with the observance of the rules of operation and safety measures are: the correct choice of premises, installation of the device, and its connection.

How to connect a solarium
How to connect a solarium


  • - electrical cable;
  • - 5-pin socket;
  • - RCD;
  • - Voltage regulator.


Step 1

Choose a location for the solarium. Its minimum area should be at least 2.5 m, and the height should start from 2.55 m. The room should be well ventilated (have a forced ventilation system). The air temperature in it should not be higher than + 25 ° C, and during the operation of the solarium, not higher than + 28 ° C. Insufficient ventilation of the room can lead to a violation of the comfortable conditions for the functioning of the solarium. The consequence of this will be interruptions in his work.

Step 2

Prepare the room for connecting the solarium. Place the equipment only in a room with a humidity of no more than 75%. It is strictly forbidden to install the solarium in places where contact with water is likely. Provide access to the solarium for its subsequent operation and maintenance.

Step 3

Before installing the solarium, to connect, pull a five-core cable (VVG) made of copper wire from the electrical panel to the place of its installation. Select the type of power connector and cable cross-section that matches the capacity of the tanning bed. Install a five-pin electrical outlet (L1-3 + N + PE). In addition, supply a circuit breaker or RCD (Safety Disconnect Device), installed separately from other electricity consumers. This will provide protection against electric shock while the equipment is in use.

Step 4

When installing a token-box, install a three-core wire (PVA 3x0.75) with a section of 0.75 mm from the solarium to the box.

Step 5

Lay the control cable (KVVG 5x0.75) five-core with a cross-section of 0.75 mm from the operator panel or panel for remote control of the device. Lay the cable with a margin (about 2 m towards the solarium and 0.2 m towards the control panel).

Step 6

Use normalizers and voltage regulators designed for this purpose. To ensure the normal operation of the equipment, the voltage in the network must not fluctuate and must be stable. The error factor of such stabilizers should be ± 1%.

Step 7

Install a solarium. Plug it into an electrical outlet.

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