How To Open Your Base

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How To Open Your Base
How To Open Your Base

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Everyone loves to relax, without exception, all people are ready to sunbathe in the sun and splash in sea water, almost forever. Surely, everyone, going on vacation, thinks that it would be great to have a personal recreation center and come there with children or friends, colleagues or relatives.

How to open your base
How to open your base


Step 1

Develop a clear business plan for your holiday base. Show in the plan a detailed description of the entire project, as well as the financial model of your business. Marketing in this business has a rather significant role, because your income and the self-sufficiency of the entire project will depend on how much you promote your business and your base becomes popular.

Step 2

Consider all the important details when developing a business plan. So, for example, if your business is designed for modern advanced youth, it is best to choose a place near a reservoir with convenient access roads so that you can organize all kinds of events in the open air format, etc.

Step 3

Lease land or buy a land plot. Perhaps you inherited a piece of land or already owns it, then you can use it.

Step 4

Order the development of a recreation center project. For this, it is best to attract highly qualified specialists.

Step 5

Decide on materials for the construction and decoration of the recreation center. At the same time, it is important to know that glued beams or rounded logs are perfect for summer houses, but for a winter type of buildings it is best to use bricks or foam blocks during construction. Purchase all the supplies you need. Sign a contract with a company that will carry out construction and finishing work.

Step 6

Furnish rooms and halls. At the same time, provide one-and-a-half beds in each of the rooms so that later they can be moved and moved apart. Provide dressers, bedside tables or wardrobes, a table and chairs, equip rooms with TVs and DVDs, refrigerators and other necessary household appliances. Hang decorating pictures or lamps on the walls. A bathroom in the rooms must meet all the standards and needs of a modern person. Typically, the bathroom is equipped with a shower, toilet, sink and shelves.

Step 7

Equip the catering unit in accordance with all sanitary and hygienic standards and fire safety requirements. A dining room can be equipped as a dining room, where complex breakfasts, lunches and dinners will be prepared, or a small cafe, where service will be provided by waiters.

Step 8

After completing all the above activities, invite the supervisory authorities to accept your project and obtain permission to use it.

Obtain permits.

Step 9

Start advertising your business, invite the first guests who can subsequently advertise your recreation center to others.

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