How To Tell Glucose From Fructose

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How To Tell Glucose From Fructose
How To Tell Glucose From Fructose

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The recommendations of doctors to patients who are overweight are mainly to limit the consumption of foods containing a large amount of fast carbohydrates. When they are broken down, sugar quickly enters the bloodstream, and this leads to weight gain. Therefore, many people try to buy sugar-free products. But in this case, they usually contain fructose. The answer to the question of how expedient such a replacement is, can be obtained only with the ability to distinguish glucose from fructose.

How to tell glucose from fructose
How to tell glucose from fructose


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Glucose and fructose belong to the class of carbohydrates (saccharides). Glucose is the main source of energy in the body, the cells of which are able to assimilate it in full to support metabolic processes. Fructose, unlike glucose, is almost completely absorbed by the liver, in whose cells it is converted into fatty acids. Be aware that overuse of foods containing fructose can lead to heart disease and excess weight.

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The glycemic index is a measure of the rate at which a food is broken down and converted into easily digestible glucose. Keep in mind that fructose has much less fructose, so products containing fructose are usually prescribed for patients with diabetes. However, if you are overweight, it is not recommended.

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Fructose is about one and a half times sweeter than sugar, so using fructose can reduce your sugar intake. Thus, products with fructose are indicated for people with cholelithiasis, allergies, heart ischemia, etc. It is important to remember that it is impossible for healthy people to completely replace glucose with fructose, since fatty acids are synthesized in the liver cells. And this leads to obesity.

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In certain cases, eating fructose is healthier than glucose. For example, with prolonged stress of the body: playing sports, driving a car, in old age. Its features in accelerating the processes of alcohol metabolism, strengthening immunity, stabilizing blood sugar levels are used in the manufacture of dietary products and a number of medicinal preparations.

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It is important to know that the feeling of fullness is directly related to the level of glucose in the blood, and fructose does not affect the feeling of fullness. Therefore, if you do not keep track of the amount of foods you eat with fructose, there is a risk of quickly "gaining" excess weight.

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