What Does The Cactus Protect From?

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What Does The Cactus Protect From?
What Does The Cactus Protect From?

The cactus is a succulent plant native to South and North America. For Russia, cacti are exotic, albeit already generally available. It is believed that these plants protect humans from electromagnetic waves emitted by a computer monitor.

Blooming cactus
Blooming cactus

Protection from computer radiation

The opinion that cactus spines protect against radiation emitted by a monitor appeared almost 20 years ago and has successfully existed to this day - cacti can still be seen on computer tables, both at home and in offices. This belief stems from the fact that some types of succulents grow better near a computer.

But this does not mean at all that they absorb some kind of harmful energy. In addition, modern LCD monitors do not emit radiation at all, and their electromagnetic waves have a frequency in a very small range - only from 10 Hertz to 100 MHz. Such radiation does not bring harm to health. A computer emits radiation in the same doses as any other electrical device, such as a television. Exactly the same radiation is used in medicine for medicinal purposes. The monitor screen filters have also undergone major improvements. Thanks to the latest production technologies, the flow of electrons has been significantly reduced.

However, although “cactus protection” turned out to be a myth, this plant is by no means useless. Its thorns can work as a passive type of air ionizer, and this property is really good for health. But in terms of efficiency, such an ability of a succulent cannot be compared even with the usual airing of a room. But there are among the cacti and those that absorb even formaldehyde.

Supernatural protection

The cactus can also be viewed from a supernatural point of view. From this perspective, it is undoubtedly a very useful plant that has a number of magical properties.

So, a cactus growing on a windowsill will prevent thieves from entering the apartment. And a jealous husband, who settled this plant in a married bedroom, need not worry about his wife's chastity - a cactus will protect him from possible infidelity. Accordingly, if a succulent "lives" with a girl or woman who dreams of getting married, it is better to remove it from the house.

In addition, a charm can be made from a cactus that will protect against troubles and evil forces. To do this, you need to collect cactus thorns, old pushpins, pins, and rusty nails in a container. After this amulet must be buried under the threshold of the house.

But according to the principles of eastern feng shui practice, cacti not only do not protect their owner, but even harm him, expelling favorable energy from the house with their thorns.

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