Why Is The Apple Bitten In The Apple Logo

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Why Is The Apple Bitten In The Apple Logo
Why Is The Apple Bitten In The Apple Logo

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Apple's logo is one of the most famous. The reasons are both the recognition of the logo itself and the loud fame of the company. In theory, the logo should not only be easy to remember, but also be such that it would not be difficult to depict it on paper. Apple's bitten apple is a good example of this.

Why is the apple bitten in the Apple logo
Why is the apple bitten in the Apple logo

First logo

Apple's modern logo is younger than the company itself. The thing is that at first the creators played around the well-known legend about an apple that fell on Newton's head and allowed him to discover the law of universal gravitation. Of course, this idea was original, but such a logo was not very memorable and rather cumbersome.

The apple logo was designed for the company by the Regis McKenna Advertising Agency. There are two main theories as to why an apple is bitten: the first is based on the fact that such an apple looks real and does not look like other fruits; according to the second, it's all about the similarity of the English words "bite" ("bite") and "byte" ("byte").

They also say that Jobs, tired of waiting for the logo from the representative of the advertising agency (Rob Yanov cut the apples in various ways to choose the most suitable option), simply took a bite of one of the fruits and said that he would take it for the logo. However, this version is in doubt, since Rob himself never mentioned such a case.

Rainbow apple

The first apple was painted in the colors of the rainbow, which was the reason for the emergence of another theory, according to which a deep meaning lies in the bitten fruit. Allegedly, this is an allusion to the suicide of the scientist Alan Turing, who made a significant contribution to the development of computer science and computer technology. He was gay and, as the story goes, unable to withstand the persecution of society, he ate a poisoned apple to commit suicide. However, Turing's mother believed that her son was poisoned by accident, since he was experimenting in those days with various poisons.

Most likely, the rainbow apple was taken as a symbol of mutual understanding and tolerance. This is the meaning that the rainbow originally wore, and only three years after the logo was created, it became the official logo of sex minorities. Because of this, in 1998, Apple, actively shaping its image, abandoned the rainbow logo.

Interestingly, Jobs was initially discouraged from using the rainbow. The reason was too high at that time the cost of printing documents with so many colors. It is worth noting that designer Rob Yanov did not receive any payment for his work, since Jobs became so trusted in Regis McKenna that he undertook to help a young prosperous company almost free of charge, offering the services of his employees.

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