What Are Red Chrysanthemums Symbolized?

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What Are Red Chrysanthemums Symbolized?
What Are Red Chrysanthemums Symbolized?

Video: What Are Red Chrysanthemums Symbolized?

Video: What Are Red Chrysanthemums Symbolized?
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Chrysanthemum is a flower that has a significant place in the culture of Japan and China. Translated from Greek, its name means "golden flower", it is loved and revered, chrysanthemums are presented on special occasions.

What are red chrysanthemums symbolized?
What are red chrysanthemums symbolized?

For many centuries, chrysanthemums have represented honesty, loyalty and devotion, they have always been considered the best way to express friendship or even confess your love. These are incredibly persistent flowers that can survive even under the snow, but it is worth bringing them into the heat, and the petals will literally come to life, without losing the brightness of their shades.

Chrysanthemum flowers come in different sizes and often reach 30 centimeters, the shades are also completely different and it is not surprising, because there are more than ten thousand varieties of this flower in the world.

Longevity flower

China is considered the true homeland of chrysanthemums, where a beautiful ancient legend is associated with the appearance of this flower. It tells about a mighty evil emperor who ruled many centuries ago, he was not afraid of anything in this world except old age. All his thoughts were occupied with living as long as possible.

Once he ordered his physician to create an elixir of longevity, to which he replied that there is a flower far in the east that can prolong years of life, but its miraculous effect will come into force only if it is thwarted by a sincere and honest person. The emperor himself and his entourage were not suitable for this journey, being angry and greedy people. Then the emperor decided to send three hundred young girls and three hundred young men to the island where the magic flower grows, because among them there must definitely be quite a few people with pure thoughts, the emperor thought.

They equipped many ships and sent them east, where there were many islands. On one of the islands, travelers led by the emperor's doctor found a wonderful flower, it was a red chrysanthemum.

It is no coincidence that chrysanthemums are the symbol of Japan. after all, according to legend, the flower was found on the islands, which today are the territory of the modern Land of the Rising Sun.

The clever doctor knew that upon the return of the pilgrims, the emperor would order them all to be executed, fearing. That the boys and girls in front of him tried the properties of a flower. Therefore, all the participants in this campaign decided not to return to China and remained to live on the island, where they founded a new country. It is not known whether they succeeded in creating the same elixir from a wonderful flower, but since then the chrysanthemum has become a symbol of the state for them.

Variety of colors

The appearance of chrysanthemums is varied. Flowers with rounded and sharp petals, various splendor, bush and single - these are all chrysanthemums. Chrysanthemum bouquets can be given to relatives, friends, those people to whom you have affection. Yellow chrysanthemums - a symbol of sadness and goodbye, white - purity of thoughts and sincerity.

Red chrysanthemums are one of the most persistent, they live in a vase of water for more than two weeks, and therefore it is also a symbol of fidelity.

For a declaration of love, a bouquet of red chrysanthemums is suitable. The red color of the bouquet always means life, passion, strength, love, the fiery color conveys the whole storm of emotions. For many centuries, a bouquet of red chrysanthemums has been considered a way to express love for a person, expresses all the mixture of feelings, tenderness and passion.

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