What Will Be The Coming Summer

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What Will Be The Coming Summer
What Will Be The Coming Summer

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Video: What Will Be The Coming Summer
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Often, vacations occur during the summer months, and depending on the weather, people choose the route of the vacation spot. In addition, the harvest depends on the weather. Forecasters are already posting weather forecasts for the coming summer.

What will be the coming summer
What will be the coming summer


Step 1

According to weather forecasters, the planet's climate has changed significantly over the past few years: the summer has become warmer and longer, and the winter has become shorter. Global warming is growing by 0, 16оС every year. Although forecasters claim that the summer of 2014 will not be very hot and quite rainy.

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In Moscow in June the weather will be unstable. There will be no strong warming in early June due to frequent rains. The average air temperature will be about + 18-22 ° C. In July in Moscow, the air temperature is expected to be + 22-30 ° C. Sometimes the temperature will be higher, but abnormally high is not expected. Most sunny and warm days are expected this month. The rains will be frequent, but not long. In August, the air temperature in Moscow will begin to drop, but the weather will still be warm with little precipitation. During the day, + 20-25оС is expected.

Step 3

In southern Russia, summer will be very hot until mid-September. Drought is possible.

Step 4

In the Urals, June will be dry and warm. Heat in July, alternating with thunderstorms. August is warm with rains.

Step 5

According to the forecast, compiled using the American climate model CFSv2, summer will be warm only for the European part of Russia and Siberia. In the Urals, the temperature will be around normal. Warm June is expected in the Far Eastern, Volga, North-Western, Southern and Central districts, in Buryatia, in the Irkutsk region and in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Most of the EPR in June will be deficient in precipitation.

Step 6

In July, there is a vast heat zone in the ETR and in the center of Siberia. There is a shortage of precipitation in the Central Federal District. Excess precipitation in the South Urals and in the west of the Siberian Federal District.

Step 7

In August it will be warm in the ETR and in Siberia. Khanty-Mansiysk, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, Omsk, Tomsk and Novosibirsk regions will be excessively humidified. The deficit of precipitation will be in the Primorsky and Khabarovsk Territories.

Step 8

And what do folk signs say? Usually the weather for the summer is determined by three church holidays - Epiphany, Annunciation and Easter. What was the weather like these days? In 2014, it was frosty on Epiphany, but it was sunny. This means that the spring will be early, the summer will be warm, and the Indian summer will be long. Epiphany this year fell on the waning phase of the moon, which means that there will be no heavy rains this summer. The weather on the Annunciation was warm. In the morning the sun was shining, in the evening it began to rain. This means that it will be sunny in summer, and it will rain only in August. It was clear all day on Easter, which means the summer will be sunny and warm.

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