How To Test Yourself For Endurance

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How To Test Yourself For Endurance
How To Test Yourself For Endurance

Video: How To Test Yourself For Endurance

Video: How To Test Yourself For Endurance
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Testing yourself for endurance allows you to find out not only physical, but also spiritual strength. The abundance of such tests is so great that even competitions are held on them.

How to test yourself for endurance
How to test yourself for endurance


Step 1

The tests should be selected based on the level of your own physical fitness. If you are actively involved in sports and can run 10 kilometers without any problems, you can safely set yourself the most difficult tasks. If you can barely run a kilometer, it is worth stopping at simple tests and gradually increasing your overall endurance.

Step 2

There is one simple exercise that tests a person's ability to endure heavy physical activity and willpower. You need to set a timer for ten minutes, spread your feet shoulder-width apart and raise your arms to the sides. Then start the timer, close your eyes and hold out for the entire time. According to statistics, more than 80% of people cannot cope with this elementary exercise, they simply do not have enough patience and strength.

Step 3

If you pass such tests with ease, then you can move to a higher level. Start by running. This is a long-term aerobic exercise that requires a high endurance from the person. For example, you can set an initial goal of half an hour of continuous running, and then increase this indicator. As soon as you can run more than 1.5 hours without stopping, you can sign up for a marathon.

Step 4

The marathon race is one of the most popular endurance tests. Hundreds of participants start at the same time to run 42, 195 km. As you know, only the most enduring and strong run up to the finish line. Such races do not only take place in Greece. You can find information about the upcoming marathons on special sites on the Internet. There, by the way, you can enroll in the number of participants.

Step 5

But this is far from the most difficult physical test invented by man. There is also a super marathon, which is 100 km long. Not everyone dares to run such a distance. This is associated with a lot of stress and a high likelihood of injury, since the legs simply cannot bear such a heavy load without preparation. However, if you are confident in your endurance, you can test it in this race as well.

Step 6

There are also triathlon - tests in which a person must overcome three long distances at once: 3 km by swimming, 42, 195 km by running and 180 km by bicycle. As a rule, it takes several years to prepare for the eventing, but there are cases when even beginners won.

Step 7

It is worth remembering that any endurance test is associated with dangerous injuries, therefore, before participating, you must definitely visit a doctor and listen to his recommendations. Perhaps you have any deviations with which you cannot participate in such events.

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