How To Insure An Organization

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How To Insure An Organization
How To Insure An Organization

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When it comes to insurance of an organization, it means the conclusion of insurance contracts for its employees, as the most valuable component of the business. Most organizations insure their employees on a voluntary basis. You can refuse insurance, but there are industries in which insurance is one of the prerequisites. As a rule, all costs of a company for insurance of employees are included in labor costs.

How to insure an organization
How to insure an organization


  • - conclusion of an insurance contract;
  • - a list of employees.


Step 1

Draw up a list of documents for concluding an insurance contract: - an insurance contract, - an annex to the contract, which contains a list of insured employees, - other appendices at the request of the insurance company or company. Each insured employee is issued an insurance policy. In addition to the firm's full-time employees, the list may include part-time employees, their family members and employees of the contractor firm.

Step 2

Reduce income taxes with employee insurance: all insurance premiums under some contracts in favor of employees are not taxed as part of the insurance premiums. Such agreements that are beneficial for the owner of the company include voluntary health insurance, non-state retirement benefits, long-term life insurance, insurance in case of death or disability.

Step 3

If the employee with whom the contract was concluded leaves the organization, and insurance was concluded only for the period of work in this company, then you automatically terminate the contract. You send a letter of notice to the company with which you entered into an insurance contract, and indicate the list of dismissed employees and the date of termination of employment.

Step 4

If new employees are accepted into the organization, conclude insurance contracts with them, as with the previous employees of the company. If there are more insured employees than under the insurance contract, then sign a new contract or conclude an additional agreement to the existing one.

Step 5

Employee insurance costs should not exceed RUB 10,000 per year. The premiums for health insurance, disability or death insurance are taken into account when calculating profits, so the insurance contract must be concluded for a period of at least one year.

Step 6

When compiling a list of employees who need to be insured, indicate not only the last name, first name, patronymic and year of birth, but also the insurance rates.

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