The Most Expensive House In The World

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The Most Expensive House In The World
The Most Expensive House In The World

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The richest people on the planet have everything one can only dream of: expensive yachts, cars and mansions worth tens and hundreds of millions of dollars. Their beautiful houses look like the residences of kings, and the interior decoration amazes the imagination with its luxury and sophistication.

The most expensive house in the world looks out from the Indian slums
The most expensive house in the world looks out from the Indian slums


The house of the Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani is considered the most expensive and richest residential building. The owner of India's largest oil company has been building his 27-story dwelling for 7 years. Its estimated value is $ 1 billion. The idea of ​​this elite building was designed and implemented by the American company Perkins & Will. The design of the house does not give the impression of the most expensive mansion in the world, but all the most interesting is hidden inside.

The house got its name in honor of the mythical island, which, according to the ancients, once drifted in the Atlantic Ocean.

Each room in the house is decorated exclusively, luxurious furniture, six tiers for parking, a four-story garden, a helipad, an "ice" room and much more leaves no doubt that the mansion is really extraordinarily expensive and luxurious. The building is served by about 600 people of staff, including drivers, gardeners and security guards. The Antilia Mukesh Ambani mansion is rightfully considered the most expensive in the world.

Villa Leopolda

This luxurious mansion was built in 1902 by order of the King of Belgium Leopold II for his mistress, the future Queen of Belgium, Caroline Lacroix. The house is located on the French Riviera in the most prestigious area of ​​France - on the Cote d'Azur. This luxury cottage is estimated by some estimates at more than $ 700 million, which puts it in second place in the world in terms of value. The stunning villa captivates with its beauty and sophistication at first sight.

The last reliably known owner of the mansion is Lily Safra, the widow of the famous banker Edmond Safra. In 2008, there were rumors that the Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov wanted to buy the villa, but for unknown reasons this deal did not take place, and the house remained the property of Safra.

Due to the termination of the transaction, Prokhorov had to pay Lily Safra about 45 million euros in court, most of this money is a deposit, the rest is compensation for damage from the termination of the contract.

Elemment Palazzo

According to Forbes magazine, there are several dozen luxurious and expensive mansions in the world, but there is also such a residential miracle as a mobile home. Elemment Palazzo is recognized as the most expensive home on wheels, the cost of this car mansion is estimated at $ 3 million. Not too much compared to Antilia or Villa Leopolda, but still no ordinary mansion.

The car has an aerodynamic design that saves fuel and reaches a record speed of 150 km / h for this class of cars. There is also a chic living room with a bar, shower, toilet and kitchen, satellite TV, underfloor heating, fireplace. The interior of Elemment Palazzo admires many famous people, but so far its potential owner can be called rapper Birdman, who is going to buy a 3 million car palace for his collection of unusual cars.

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