Where To Complain About The Roads

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Where To Complain About The Roads
Where To Complain About The Roads

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One of Russia's troubles - bad roads - can be dealt with, perhaps, only by the whole world. The increased public attention to the quality of the roadway and its price often becomes the reason for inspections and unscheduled repairs, and therefore it is imperative to complain about bad roads.

Where to complain about the roads
Where to complain about the roads


Step 1

Traffic safety is handled by the traffic police, so complaints about bad roads should be sent to the inspectorate. However, in practice, the traffic police have withdrawn from the solution of these issues, redirecting them either to the prosecutor's office or to public services.

Step 2

When contacting the communal service - the road management department in the municipality - draw up a statement containing your installation data and contact address, state the essence of the appeal (i.e., a direct complaint about the quality of the roadway) and attach, if possible, evidence of the specified data. Simply put, it is advisable to photograph the road in such a way that the photo gives a visual representation not only of the road itself, but also of exactly where the photographed section is located. When taking a photo, try to capture houses, monuments, noticeable objects. The number of attached photographs must be indicated in the appeal, and a short signature must be made for each.

Step 3

The local administration should also take an active part in the proceedings over the roads in the area. Write an appeal and there, the officials will definitely have to consider your complaint and give a written answer.

Step 4

Public associations and groups are very active today. For example, to help promote a complaint, the site called "Angry Citizen", where you can not only tell where and what is wrong in the city, but also leave something like an open letter, which the organizers of the site promise to bring to the attention of interested authorities.

A similar open platform is the site "Public Book of Complaints and Suggestions", where citizens share their problems and experience in solving them.

Step 5

Muscovites can apply to the organization "Roads of Moscow", employees not only accept appeals, but also really work with them, independently submitting applications to the authorities.

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