Why Do You Need A Sales Receipt

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Why Do You Need A Sales Receipt
Why Do You Need A Sales Receipt

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A sales receipt is issued after payment for any service, work or product. Can be used with or, less commonly, a sales receipt. The sales receipt has auxiliary functions and does not belong to strict reporting forms.

Why do you need a sales receipt
Why do you need a sales receipt

What is a sales receipt

First of all, a sales receipt is necessary in order to protect consumer rights. The obligatory data of the check are: date of issue, name of the sold product, its quantity, the amount you paid (in cash or payment by card), the name of the seller, the seal of the trade organization. If the seller does not have a seal, then the TIN of the merchant is indicated on the sales receipt as a mandatory line.

When filling out a sales receipt, each product or service rendered must be indicated separately, and not summarized. At the end of the sales receipt, in a specially highlighted column, the total cost of services or goods is indicated, and it is better if the entry is in numbers and in words. If a single product is purchased, then the blank lines are crossed out in order to avoid postscripts.

What you need to know about a sales receipt

A sales receipt does not have an approved form, but the law contains a list of necessary and mandatory details, observing which, an entrepreneur has the right to independently choose the form of this receipt.

Sales receipt forms can be printed independently on a computer and written out manually, but this is inconvenient for both the buyer and the seller - a lot of time is wasted. Therefore, a special program is entered into the computer, where all the necessary information is displayed, and the receipt is printed on a regular office printer.

The sales receipt confirms your right to a refund or exchange of goods. Also, a check is required to confirm the costs incurred by the accountable person or to put the goods on the balance sheet. A sales receipt is a guarantee of the return of your own money spent on the needs of the company or organization where you work, and the latter at one time submits a report to the tax authorities, thereby reducing tax costs and increasing profits.

In recent years, cash register machines have issued a printout of full information on a cashier's receipt, and, as it were, in such a situation, a sales receipt is no longer needed. But it is worth noting that for entrepreneurs who are on UTII and work on old cash register machines, the sales receipt is the only document issued to the buyer when making a purchase.

On the basis of the sales receipt, you can confirm the fact of payment for the goods. You can avoid a conflict situation by keeping your nerves in order and communicate with the contractor or seller, relying on the letter of the law.

There is only one conclusion - do not throw away sales receipts without leaving, carefully check whether all the details are entered. Be careful to avoid unnecessary problems. Nevertheless, it is worth paying attention to the fact that the loss of a sales receipt or its absence does not deprive you of the opportunity to return the goods and get your money back.

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