How To Choose Sleeping Bags

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How To Choose Sleeping Bags
How To Choose Sleeping Bags

Video: How To Choose Sleeping Bags

Video: How To Choose Sleeping Bags
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With the right sleeping bag, you can spend all your camping nights in comfort. Do not expect that you can do without a sleeping bag on a hike, no warm clothes will create such a microclimate as a sleeping bag, of course, if it suits you and meets the conditions of the hike.

How to choose sleeping bags
How to choose sleeping bags


Step 1

Decide what the comfort temperature of your bag should be. This parameter is the most important when choosing, it depends on it whether you will not be hot or cold at night. The comfort temperature is always indicated on the label and indicates the minimum temperature this sleeping bag can withstand. But one cannot be guided only by this indicator. Its value is averaged, someone is freezing even at + 20 ° C, and someone does not take even frost. In any case, you should have a rough idea of the minimum temperature you will encounter on the hike.

Step 2

Choose sleeping bag insulation. Now in stores there are two types of bags - with synthetic insulation and with down insulation. Down sleeping bags have better properties, but they are much more expensive, especially the elite ones with loon down. For hikes in which extreme cold is not expected, an inexpensive synthetic-filled sleeping bag is quite suitable.

Step 3

Find the right shape and size for your sleeping bag. When buying a bag, take into account your physique and height, and also decide what is more important to you - the effectiveness of the bag or a comfortable sleep. It is warmer in narrow bags, but it is not very comfortable to sleep, in wide bags it is more comfortable to sleep, but it can be cool.

Step 4

Decide on the weight of your future bag. There are four weight categories for camping equipment, and sleeping bags are classified into these categories.

- Minimum weight. Choosing such a sleeping bag, you deliberately sacrifice its performance for the sake of almost invisible weight.

- Ultra light weight. The manufacturer tries to balance the weight and quality of the sleeping bag.

- A light weight. Most sleeping bags have this weight, they are quite comfortable, but also relatively heavy.

- Deluxe. The heaviest bags and the most comfortable ones are usually not hiked.

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