Greenhouse Effect: Pros And Cons

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Greenhouse Effect: Pros And Cons
Greenhouse Effect: Pros And Cons

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The heating of the earth's surface, due to the special properties of the earth's atmosphere, which, like glass, allows the sun's rays to pass to the surface and does not release them back, is called the greenhouse effect. This global phenomenon can lead to various consequences that environmental scientists need to consider when planning climate change projections.

Greenhouse effect: pros and cons
Greenhouse effect: pros and cons

Pluses of the phenomenon

It must be said that there are not many positive consequences of the greenhouse effect. And those that stand out are often contradictory, contrived and unconvincing. The phenomenon itself, although it was discovered in the 19th century, does not represent a definitively clear and explainable fact for science, there is still a large amount of controversy and discussion. Obviously, the warming of the atmosphere prevents global cooling, which would have a detrimental effect on many forms of life. This is undoubtedly a positive side of the greenhouse effect, which, as will be seen, has a downside. An increase in the average temperature of the planet can provoke the development of life, new species of animals, plants, as well as the cessation of life, the extinction of species, etc. In addition, the presence of greenhouse gases protects the Earth from cosmic dust and, in some cases, reduces the level of radiation radiation.

Cons of the phenomenon

In the area of ​​the negative consequences of the greenhouse effect, the situation is clearer. First of all, it is global warming, which has obvious negative consequences. Most scientists say that an increase in temperature has a detrimental effect on the entire life of the planet, including human life. Phenomenally hot summer and fall months, which can be followed by snow; warm winters, frosts in spring - all this is already familiar to every person. The instability of the climate on the entire planet, its constant variability reflect the main negative consequence of the greenhouse effect. Every year humanity is faced with more and more natural disasters: acid rain, droughts, hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, etc. The harm lies not only in the fact that living organisms do not have time to adapt to the changeable weather, but also in the fact that warming does not occur for "natural" reasons - the greenhouse effect is provoked, among other things, by human industrial activities and environmental pollution.

As a result of the rise in temperature, the melting of glaciers, invaluable reserves of fresh water for humans, is progressing. The level of the World Ocean and its composition are catastrophically changing, the area of ​​taiga and tropical forests is significantly reduced, and as a result, animals and birds living in them disappear. During the year, in some previously arid regions, a huge amount of precipitation falls, this leads to the destruction of not only natural, but also agricultural areas. The debate around the impact of the greenhouse effect on the life of the planet should lead to the development of a specific program of action for present and future generations that will help increase the positive and minimize the negative consequences of the phenomenon.

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