How To Write Off A Library

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How To Write Off A Library
How To Write Off A Library

Video: How To Write Off A Library

Video: How To Write Off A Library
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Library books are written off systematically. Copies that are too dilapidated or have any defects, as well as those whose content has ceased to be relevant for modern society, are excluded from the general readership.

How to decommission a library
How to decommission a library


  • - Instruction on the accounting of the library fund in 1998;
  • - commission;
  • - act of write-off;
  • - marks in all accounting documents.


Step 1

When writing off books, follow the instructions on accounting for the library fund, approved in 1998.

Step 2

Form a special commission. In its composition include the director of the library (chairman of the commission), his deputy, as well as the heads of the departments of book storage, acquisition, reading room, subscription and chief librarians of these departments.

Step 3

If it is a specialized library (school, university, at an enterprise, etc.), be sure to involve specialists from the field of activity of the organization in the work of the commission.

Step 4

Prepare literature to be discarded. Most libraries select books for this purpose on a regular basis. These include non-core literature, lost publications, books and documents that are not in demand among readers.

Step 5

Familiarize the members of the commission with the list of publications prepared for cancellation. After a thorough analysis of each copy, specialists must make an appropriate decision. Some publications, for example, may be of historical interest or express an extraordinary view of a scientific problem.

Step 6

Divide the literature to be written off according to the groups-reasons for writing off. For each of the groups, draw up a write-off statement. Indicate in it the composition of the commission, the number of books written off, the total cost of books, write the reason for their exclusion from the fund. This act is signed by all members of the commission, it is drawn up in 2 copies. Also attached is a list of publications indicating the following characteristics: serial number; inventory number; author, title, year of publication; number of copies; the price of one book; total cost.

Step 7

Make the appropriate notes about the write-off in all accounting forms: summary book, registration cards, inventory book. Remove descriptions from traditional and electronic catalogs.

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