How To Issue A Certificate Of Deposit

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How To Issue A Certificate Of Deposit
How To Issue A Certificate Of Deposit

Video: How To Issue A Certificate Of Deposit

Video: How To Issue A Certificate Of Deposit
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Certificates of deposit are a type of securities that confirm the fact that a depositor has contributed a certain amount of funds to the bank. By purchasing a certificate, the depositor can count on the accrual of interest provided for by the terms of the agreement.

How to issue a certificate of deposit
How to issue a certificate of deposit


Step 1

In order to be eligible to issue certificates of deposit, a bank must comply with a number of conditions stipulated by banking legislation. In particular, the issuance of certificates is not available to commercial banks with a period of activity of less than 2 years, as well as until they publish their annual reports and if any violations are detected.

Step 2

A certificate of deposit is issued for the purpose of selling to legal entities, all settlements on them are carried out strictly in a non-cash form. The certificate must meet a number of requirements for the issuance of means of payment. So, indicate on the document its name of the payment document, the number and series, the date of purchase (making a deposit) and the amount of the deposited amount, the interest rate and other bank obligations under this certificate.

Step 3

The certificate can be issued both to the bearer and in the form of a registered document. In the latter case, add the name and legal address of the depositor, the name and address of the issuing bank to the list of required details.

Step 4

There are no restrictions on the type of issue of certificates - serial or one-time -.

Step 5

Russian banks' certificates of deposit must be issued in rubles. A mandatory requirement for a certificate of deposit is its urgency, in other words, the term of its circulation must be fixed on this payment document. In the case of a certificate of deposit, this period should not exceed one year.

Step 6

The issue of certificates of deposit is carried out by means of a printing press with the obligatory observance of the requirements set forth by the legislation of the Russian Federation for securities of this type.

Step 7

The certificate provides its owner with confirmation of the fact of making a certain amount of the deposit, ensures his right to return the amount of the deposit, receive interest provided for by the agreement with the issuing bank, and also regulates the storage and receipt of the amount and accrued interest.

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