How To Light Charcoal

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How To Light Charcoal
How To Light Charcoal

Video: How To Light Charcoal

Video: How To Light Charcoal
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Charcoal is good for everyone to relax by the barbecue with a barbecue - the cooking time is significantly reduced, and the harmful resins formed when burning firewood do not get on the food. Coal takes up much less space than logs, only it must be stored in a dry place.

How to light charcoal
How to light charcoal


  • - liquid for ignition;
  • - dry mixture for ignition;
  • - matches or a special lighter;
  • - fur for ignition;
  • - dry chips.


Step 1

Charcoal lighter fluid is quite popular with barbecue lovers. For outdoor trips, choose a liquid in a bright bottle or with a noticeable label so as not to lose it in the grass - do not leave such things in the forest, follow all fire safety rules.

Place an even layer of charcoal on the bottom of the brazier and pour over the lighter fluid. Three kilograms of coal will take about 250 ml of the product. Then fold the coals in a pyramid, sprinkle again, wait a little until the incendiary vapors leave, and set fire to a special lighter with a spout or tourist matches. If there is neither one nor the other, then use the charcoal tongs to squeeze the burning napkin and use it to light the pyramid.

Step 2

When the coals reach the required condition so that they can be used to fry meat (it takes 30-40 minutes), by this time the vapors of the liquid for ignition have evaporated.

In order not to sniff with doubt about the kebab, give it a special aroma using small logs or chips of apple, vine or cherry, laid on top of charcoal.

Step 3

Dry Molotov cocktail is much more convenient - it will not leak out of the bottle in your bag or trunk, you will not spill it on your clothes and hands, it is easier to use. Place tablets or cubes of such a mixture, preferably based on paraffin, in the base of the charcoal pyramid and set it on fire.

If you often use the barbecue, then get yourself a starter to quickly light coal without chemicals. A small portion of fuel ignites in the belly of this device, pours out into the brazier, and from these coals the rest of them are engaged in fire.

Step 4

For the origin of fire, air is needed, but for a long time blowing on the coals, standing over the barbecue, is not good for health and is not always effective. Buy special furs for ignition, they are very comfortable, lightweight, stylish and inexpensive, about five hundred rubles. They have a non-fusible metal tip, a wooden base and a loop for hanging the furs on the side of the barbecue hook.

Step 5

If you did not take absolutely any of these funds with you, then light the coals in the old proven way. Find dry twigs, wood chips, tree bark, paper, napkins, cardboard packaging from any product and place it all at the base of a pyramid made of coal. Light this pile of matches. Slowly but surely, the charcoal will ignite, and you will not be left without a kebab!

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