What Are Palindromes

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What Are Palindromes
What Are Palindromes

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Video: What Are Palindromes
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The word "palindrome" in translation from Greek means "running backwards". Under this word, it is customary to take words and phrases that can be read in any direction without losing meaning, for example, "A rose fell on the paw of Azor." A more complex type of palindrome is a poem built on this principle.

What are palindromes
What are palindromes


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In the past, poems were written using the palindrome technique, of course, their artistic value was not too great, since the authors were faced with the task of making the text smooth and polished, the meaning faded into the background, but such poems helped to hone their mastery of the word.

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In the Middle Ages, superpalindromes became very popular, they were rectangles filled with letters in which it was possible to read the encrypted phrase in almost any direction - forward, backward, vertically, horizontally or from bottom to top. The most famous super palindrome is the phrase "S A T O R A R E P O T E N E T O P E R A R O T A S". It is quite difficult to translate a pun in Latin. The approximate meaning is "Plowman Arepo works in a circle."

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In the past, words were given more meaning, they were endowed with magical properties, so that this palindrome was perceived as a powerful spell against evil spirits. The Sator Arepo was believed to protect sleeping people and their belongings from fire. Planks with an applied palindrome were endowed with the ability to extinguish the flame. For example, in Saxony, already in 1742, a decree was issued to keep such boards at hand to fight fires. For a long time, this formula was part of the coats of arms of fire departments in Lorraine and Germany.

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Currently, the palindrome is devoid of all magical powers and is a simple word game that allows you to move your brains a little. Most palindromes are a relatively coherent set of words, but there are also curious, coherent and understandable phrases, for example, "But the Archangel is invisible on the temple and he is marvelous."

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If we talk about palindromes, the word "SAIPPUAKIVIKAUPPIAS" is considered to be the longest in the world, which means "lye dealer" in Finnish.

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The concept of a palindrome is used not only in linguistics. In biology, this is the name for regions in the structure of nucleic acids that have mirrored or mirrored nucleotide sequences. There can be up to a million such shape-shifters in the human genome. Palindromes in DNA increase the amount of information while preserving the number of nucleotides.

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Music also has its own palindromes. Such inverted pieces are played as usual, and then the notes are simply turned over and the piece is played again without changing the melody. The most famous musical palindromes are Moscheles' Way of Peace and Mozart's Table Melody.

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