How To Make A Cold Wave

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How To Make A Cold Wave
How To Make A Cold Wave

Video: How To Make A Cold Wave

Video: How To Make A Cold Wave
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Different types of styling allow you to fix a beautiful hairstyle for a more or less long period and give you perfectly straight, or, on the contrary, wavy hair. For soft and not too long hair, styling done using the cold wave technique is well suited. You can do this styling with your own hands at home, without resorting to the help of stylists and hairdressers.

How to make a cold wave
How to make a cold wave


Step 1

Use a comb and your own hands for cold styling. Wash your hair well, but do not dry it completely. Apply styling gel to clean, damp hair. Then take a fine-toothed comb and step one and a half centimeters away from the center part to start forming the first wave.

Step 2

Place the middle finger of your left hand where you plan to create the curve of the wave. With a comb, placed perpendicular to the head, stepping back 1 cm from the middle finger, sharply comb the strand away from the intended bend point.

Step 3

After that, place the comb flat on your hair, and then slide the hair with the comb with your index finger, trying to press it against the middle finger, so that a "crown" forms between the index and middle fingers.

Step 4

Continue brushing your hair in the opposite direction to the previous direction. From the first crown, which was between your fingers, step back a couple of centimeters and once again mark the place where the next wave bends with your middle finger.

Step 5

Once again, push the comb in the opposite direction sharply to form a second crown and start a new wave. Connect the waves at the back of the head and guide them from the larger and smaller sides of the parting. Fix your hair with clips so that the curls do not move relative to each other during styling.

Step 6

Pinch your hair gently, making sure that no kinks form in your hair. Using the clips, dry the style thoroughly and put on the hairnet. When making cold waves, make sure to comb the curls in the right direction. Do this style only on damp hair, and slide the comb only along the top layer of hair.

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