How To Identify The Mint Of A Coin

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How To Identify The Mint Of A Coin
How To Identify The Mint Of A Coin

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Mints appeared in Russia in the 11-12 centuries and were engaged in the minting of monetary units from gold and silver. Over time, the country grew, there was a need for new enterprises of this nature in order to save on the transportation of coins. From that time on, a rule was introduced to put on the money the designation of the court that issued it.

How to identify the mint of a coin
How to identify the mint of a coin


  • - coins;
  • - magnifying glass.


Step 1

Today there are two mints: Moscow and St. Petersburg (Leningradsky). These designations were returned to coinage in 1990-1991. Then the stamp was simple: the letters M or L. Changes in the appearance of the coin brought with them a different type of mint designation. Now these are several letters intertwined.

Step 2

Take a magnifying glass, because the letters for the mint are very small. Turn the ten-ruble coin of the new image towards you. Under his right paw, he has the name of the mint: the letters MMD or SPMD, executed in monogram letters. The same designations can be found on ten rubles of the old model. There, see them on the front side, below, under the word "rubles" (between the letters "b" and "l").

Step 3

Turn the five-ruble coin towards you with an eagle. The designation of the court that released it is under the eagle's right paw. It is designated by several intertwined letters: MMD (Moscow Mint) or SPMD (St. Petersburg Mint). In the same place, under the right paw of the two-headed eagle, see the name of the court on the two-ruble and one-ruble coins.

Step 4

On coins in denominations of 50, 10, 5 and 1 kopecks. Also look for the designation of the yard on the seamy side. Turn the money towards you. There is a mint mark under the front hoof of George the Victorious horse (on the right side). Here it is designated differently, by the letters M (Moscow) or C-P (St. Petersburg).

Step 5

When inspecting coins from the early 1990s, you will find just the letters: M (Moscow) or L (Leningradsky). For example, on 1 ruble of 1992 issue, the yard is indicated on the front side under the word "ruble" (right under the letter "b"). All denominations on coins of that period are on the obverse.

Step 6

You may not find the mint designation in any of the locations listed. In this case, you became the owner of a unique coin of quite solid value. This is a manufacturing defect, for example, it is present on 5 kopecks in 2002 and 2003.

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