How To Store Floss Threads

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How To Store Floss Threads
How To Store Floss Threads

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During storage, the ends of the floss can get tangled in a strong knot, therefore, during a break in work, it is better to place them not in a bag, but in a special box or box for needlework.

How to store floss threads
How to store floss threads


Step 1

Store the floss in the form in which you purchased it - in neat skeins, grabbed in two places with a paper belt. Firstly, you can unwind the thread of the required length at any time, and secondly, if the threads are caught by the belts, they will not get confused. Before placing the skeins in your craft box or jewelry box, make sure the paper belts are not at the edges as they may slip off. Fold the skeins in one direction. If the length of the thread is already insufficient and the thickness of the skein is such that the belts slip off, bend it in half, secure the paper strips and store that way.

Step 2

Purchase special spools or spools for floss, it is easy to wind the thread on them. Also on such products there is a special place where you can sign the corresponding number and manufacturer's name. Store the coiled floss in a box or chest, the capacity of which is divided into compartments. In order to make bobbins yourself, use the material from which the gymnastics mats are made. Do not wrap the floss on cardboard so as not to deform the weaving of the threads. This method is especially good if you need to store small leftovers of threads, the cut floss threads can be wound one on top of the other.

Step 3

Make a thread holder. To do this, punch holes along the edge of the cardboard - this could be a postcard or part of a shoe box. Fold the cut threads in half, insert the formed loop into the hole, and thread the ends of the floss into the loop and tighten. Sign the manufacturer's name and color number. This storage method is good if the threads have already been cut, but it also has a minus - the long ends can get tangled together. Therefore, you can fold the threads several times to make the ends shorter and make the holes in the cardboard larger.

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