How To Determine The Coordinates Of A Location

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How To Determine The Coordinates Of A Location
How To Determine The Coordinates Of A Location

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You want to show your friends the place on the map where you are going to relax with the whole company. Or maybe you are in astronomy and need to determine the coordinates of an observation point in order to document an important discovery. How to do it?

How to determine the coordinates of a location
How to determine the coordinates of a location


Step 1

Use the Google Earth service. To do this, you need a computer or laptop connected to the Internet. Follow the link Click on the "Agree and download" button and follow the further instructions to install the Google Earth program.

Step 2

Run the program and wait a while until the image of the globe appears in the center of the screen. While pressing and holding the left mouse button, rotate the ball so that the area where you are is directly in front of you. Using the mouse wheel, gradually zoom in on the surface of the ball, gradually changing the scale in the direction of increase.

Step 3

At first, the picture will be very blurry and pixelated. Do not pay attention to this, as the image will gradually become clearer: more detailed photographs of the area are loaded into the cache on your computer.

Step 4

Pay attention to the numbers at the bottom of the screen. They show the current coordinates: latitude, longitude and altitude. These numbers change depending on where you move the cursor.

Step 5

Continue adjusting your location by moving the mouse cursor while holding the left button and zooming in with its wheel until you find an image of the nearest surroundings. You can even see the house you are in, cars and people captured by the camera at the time the pictures were taken.

Step 6

When you see your immediate location in the image, pay attention to the coordinates displayed below. This is what you need. Place a link to a point inside the service or send the coordinates to friends in text form. They will be able to find you by searching for coordinates in the Google Earth system or by entering the link into the memory of their navigator.

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