How To Guess For Marriage

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How To Guess For Marriage
How To Guess For Marriage

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Since ancient times, young ladies have been curious when they will get married, what kind of person their husband will be, how many children they will have, etc. To lift the veil of this secret, young people often resorted to all kinds of fortune telling. Time has passed, but nothing has changed: girls still find all kinds of ways to look into their "married" future.

Girls are wondering about marriage
Girls are wondering about marriage

It's important to know

To begin with, it should be noted that any fortune-telling is just a way to find out your future. It is important to understand that not a single fortune-telling will give a 100% correct result, and this or that forecast will entirely depend on the girl's desire, on her mood, on the lunar phases, on the season and even on the current day.

Christmas divination. Fortune telling on wax

Pour melted candle wax into a bowl of clean water. After that, you need to wait until the wax hardens. You should get this or that figure, symbol, silhouette. If you get the figure of a candle, a ring, a house, a baby carriage, a man, a cross, a church, etc., then the girl will soon get married. If the wax, poured into the water, falls like a stone to the bottom, forming a kind of pancake, then you can not even dream of getting married in the next few years.

Christmas divination. Ring and hair

For this type of fortune telling, a girl needs to stock up on one long hair from her head, and also purchase a wedding ring. This method of divination for marriage is quite simple, but time-tested. You just need to thread your hair through the wedding ring. After that, the jewelry must be carefully lowered into a glass of water. If the ring, touching the water, will sway - there will be an imminent wedding, if not - you should not build vain hopes.

Collective divination

This fortune-telling is designed to inform the girl about the character of her future husband. To carry it out, you need to stock up on four identical plates, a ring, a cigarette, a piece of bread and a brush. All of these items must be covered with plates, after which one of the girls must leave the room. At this time, the rest of the girls change their places. When one of the girls enters the room, she will need to choose one of the available plates. What will be in it - such is the result of fortune-telling.

If a girl's choice fell on a plate with a cigarette underneath, her future husband will turn out to be a hard-core smoker; if she chose a piece of bread, her husband will be rich, and she will be well-fed; if a brush was chosen, the girl will marry a simple hard-working guy, and the selected ring indicates a romantic husband who will carry his chosen one in his arms.

Fortune telling by hand

Often, girls who want to tell fortunes about their marriage turn to palmistry for help. To find out how many times a girl will marry in the future, you need to carefully look at the tubercle under your little finger to the line of the heart. It is necessary to pay attention to the horizontal lines: their number determines the number of marriages in the life of a fortuneteller. For the purity of the experiment, it is necessary to pay attention exclusively to clear and long lines, since they speak of marriage.

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