Virtual Travel Around The World: Fun Or Uninteresting

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Virtual Travel Around The World: Fun Or Uninteresting
Virtual Travel Around The World: Fun Or Uninteresting

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Video: These Virtual Reality Apps Let You Travel The World Without Ever Leaving Home | Mach | NBC News 2023, January

Over time, the technical capabilities of the Internet have increased many times over. Now people from all over the world can calmly communicate with each other not only through correspondence, but also through Skype - a program that allows interlocutors to see and hear each other during communication. By communicating in real time with people living in other places, viewing their photos and video reports, you can travel the world virtually.

Virtual travel around the world: fun or uninteresting
Virtual travel around the world: fun or uninteresting

Google Maps

If you want to travel, but there is no time or money for it, you can go to the Internet in the Google search engine, select the "Maps" section in it, and then start an exciting "journey" without leaving your desk with your computer. By clicking with the mouse on any country, you can zoom in on the image of the place of interest to such an extent that photographic images of the area will be visible: landscapes, buildings, cars, people.

Live cameras

But the possibilities of the Internet are not limited to this. Every day in all countries, an increasing number of cameras are being installed that capture the environment online. And the image and sound are transmitted immediately to a single computer network. Thus, the virtual traveler in real time can see what people are doing at McDonald's on 5th Avenue in America, look at Niagara Falls or the Great Wall of China.

Traveler Descriptions

And on the Internet there are stories, photos and video reports of people who actually travel to different countries. As soon as you type the country you are interested in in the search engine, there will immediately appear many links to the pages and blogs of travelers. With their help, you can not only learn fascinating details about life in this state, but also "make" interesting acquaintances, understand how you can go on a real journey yourself.

So far, real travels are more interesting than virtual ones. How long?

Traveling in the real world, of course, is still more interesting than virtual travel. But computer technology is constantly improving. In addition, nanotechnology is gaining momentum. And scientists predict that in a few decades a person will be able to “travel” through other spaces, like the characters in the science fiction film “The Matrix”.

The human brain will be combined with a computer network, and he will experience all the sensations that a traveler experiences in real life. He will touch the world around him, smell and taste food, and come into contact with other people. It sounds incredible, but nevertheless, it's just a matter of a little time. And then it will be difficult to say which is more interesting - real travel or virtual. Or rather, the difference between the real and the virtual world will disappear. And people will have the opportunity to travel without leaving their homes.

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