How To Submit An Ad To A Newspaper In Surgut

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How To Submit An Ad To A Newspaper In Surgut
How To Submit An Ad To A Newspaper In Surgut

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In modern times, printed publications do not lose their relevance and popularity. Especially in small towns, where the population is not yet accustomed to the latest technologies and the worldwide network. A correctly submitted ad can generate the same number of responses as from Internet sites. Surgut newspapers have their own target audience, regular and casual readers, among which there may be potential customers.

Submit an ad to a newspaper in Surgut
Submit an ad to a newspaper in Surgut


Step 1

In Surgut, the following are popular among print media: "Fair - Surgut", "All About Everything", "Surgut Express", "From Hand to Hand Surgut". The announcements are also accepted by the news newspapers "In the center of events", "Vestnik", "Novy gorod". They receive announcements by phone, at reception points, in Internet offices, in the form of SMS.

Step 2

A newspaper ad should be short, but informative at the same time. The title does not exist, it merges with the text. The ad begins with words that define the essence of the ad, for example, "sell", "exchange", "buy", "looking for", "give away", etc. High-quality photography will help increase efficiency and quickly find your client. In addition to the phone number, you should also write an e-mail address, area of ​​residence, ISQ number and additional number in contacts.

Step 3

All newspapers in Surgut accept announcements on call. The telephone number of the ad department can be found in the newspaper itself or in the city directory.

Step 4

Also, an advertisement can be sent to print media by filling out special forms that are handed out at ad acceptance points, in shopping centers, in newspaper offices, or by cutting it out from a newspaper. The text should be clear, well-written and short. Newspapers accept advertisements with a maximum of 15-20 words. In this norm, it is necessary to concisely and clearly state the essence of the subject. The completed form must be taken to the collection points, sent via mail or dropped into specialized mailboxes.

Step 5

The last way to place an ad for a newspaper in Surgut is the websites of local publications. All newspapers accept online applications for ad submission and publish it in the next issue. To do this, go to the section "Submit an ad", select the desired category, fill in the blank fields with contact information, the required text and send for verification. After verification, if the ad meets all the norms and standards of the print publication, it will be published in the next issue of the newspaper.

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