How To Recognize Natural Skin

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How To Recognize Natural Skin
How To Recognize Natural Skin

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Now it is not easy to distinguish genuine leather from leatherette. Manufacturers have even learned how to give a leather scent to artificial materials, which include leather chips. This is especially true for manufacturers from Italy and Spain.

How to recognize natural skin
How to recognize natural skin


Step 1

Find a special label with graphic signs indicating the material used in the manufacture of the product. If it has an emblem that repeats the outlines of the skinned, then you have real skin. Most likely, there is a label “Genuine Leather”, Cuir, Genuine Leather or Echtes Leder nearby. The diamond indicates synthetics. However, these symbols are sometimes attached to a fake.

Step 2

Check the edges of the leather. The cut shows the structure of the material. Edges look and feel raw, raw. The cuts of leatherette are smooth and feel like plastic to the touch. Sometimes textile warp or single threads are visible to the naked eye.

Step 3

Examine the seams carefully. At the folded edges of genuine leather, the ridge is thick and rounded. In artificial materials, the edge of the seam is flat and sealed.

Step 4

Feel your skin. Real skin is not quite uniform, plastic and covered with random pores (pores applied to a fake have the same pattern). Genuine leather is characterized by softness and smooth flexibility. Natural leather heats up and returns warmth to your hands. If you touch the leatherette, a stain will form on it, and the palm will feel cool.

Step 5

The skin does not catch fire when exposed to fire. A piece of leather above the lighter won't even start to smolder, and the leatherette will immediately melt. Therefore, if a leather product is wet or wrinkled, it can be ironed through a dry cloth.

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