How To Solder Copper

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How To Solder Copper
How To Solder Copper

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Copper piping is currently in high demand among homeowners. This is due to the fact that people are trying to improve the quality of their lives, and copper pipelines are distinguished by bactericidal properties, reliability in operation and durability. For example, freezing a properly installed copper pipeline will not damage it. This is a very important property, since in winter, during an emergency defrosting of the heating system, pipe breaks are possible.

How to solder copper
How to solder copper


Step 1

Installation of copper pipes is carried out by the non-separable method by soldering pipes and fittings, as well as by collapsible, i.e. the elements are connected using nuts and collets.

Step 2

When soldering pipes yourself, first strip the outer end of the copper pipe about 3 cm from the edge with a special stripper. You can also use a file or sandpaper.

Step 3

Degrease with petrol or other organic solvent. Clean the fitting from the inside with a brush to match the pipe diameter.

Step 4

Then, using a brush, carefully lubricate the end of the pipe with flux. The flux is necessary to remove residual grease and oxide films, and also protects the soldered surfaces from oxidation.

Step 5

Insert the pipe carefully into the fitting. Dip the heated soldering iron into the ammonia or rosin powder. The appearance of a slight haze indicates that the soldering iron is ready for work. Moreover, rosin or ammonia will perfectly clean the soldering iron tip from metal oxides.

Step 6

Slowly start heating the joint until the flux is formed. As it heats up, you will see how it changes color.

Step 7

Then warm up for a few more seconds. In other words, remove the burner at the moment when the flux begins to come out of the connection, and in its appearance it will resemble molten solder.

Step 8

Next, bring the solder and hold until the solder is evenly distributed around the circumference. If the pipe is horizontal, a drop should form at the bottom. Wait until the pipe joint has cooled completely. Cooling should take place naturally.

Step 9

Wipe the soldered area with a damp cloth. This will remove the remaining flux. You can now check the quality of the connection by turning on the water.

Step 10

When embedding copper pipes, provide protection against abrasion caused by temperature fluctuations. In addition, due to possible galvanic processes, do not allow copper pipes to come into contact with aluminum products.

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