How To Choose Amber

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How To Choose Amber
How To Choose Amber

Video: How To Choose Amber

Video: How To Choose Amber
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Despite the fact that amber is not a precious stone, it has served as an amulet and decoration for a long time. In ancient times, he was credited with miraculous properties and the ability to heal many diseases. Unfortunately, today there are a lot of fakes of this gem. How to choose natural amber, and not a cheap useless fake?

How to choose amber
How to choose amber


Step 1

Examine the amber carefully. You should be aware that in fakes, as a rule, air bubbles are present in abundance, and the color of the product is uniform along the entire length. A natural gem, especially if it has not been heat treated, has an interesting color, with the transition from one shade to another.

Step 2

Weigh the amber item. Amber is one of the lightest semi-precious stones. The weight of large amber beads can be as little as 50 g. Glass and plastic imitations are much heavier. In addition, they feel colder to the touch than natural stone.

Step 3

Rub the amber piece on the fabric. Natural stone becomes negatively charged and begins to attract finely cut paper or, for example, hair. If electrification does not occur, this is a fake.

Step 4

Apply a hot needle to the surface of the stone. If you have felt the specific smell of rosin, this is a natural gem. The pungent smell of burnt plastic will indicate to you the artificial origin of the "stone". You should also know that when it enters the fire, amber ignites in the third second and continues to burn with a strong flame after it is removed from the fire.

Step 5

Make a saline solution. To do this, dissolve 10 teaspoons of salt in a glass of water. Dip the amber into the resulting liquid. Natural stone will float to the surface, counterfeits will remain at the bottom of the glass. Be sure to rinse the gem in running water after this experiment, otherwise a salt crust will form on it.

Step 6

Cut off a small strip of the product from the back side or just in an inconspicuous place. It is recommended to do this with a sharp knife or razor. Natural stone will crumble slightly. Artificial, most likely - cut off with soft shavings.

Step 7

If you see a completely modern fly in amber, you can be sure of a fake.

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