How To Wear Hematite

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How To Wear Hematite
How To Wear Hematite

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The name "hematite" in translation from Greek ("haimatos") means "blood". Other names for the mineral, as well as its varieties are: "red iron ore", "bloodstone", "iron kidney", "sanguine". The color of the stone is often brownish-red, reaching almost black. Luster - semi-metallic or metallic.

How to wear hematite
How to wear hematite




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It is widely believed that hematite helps to cleanse the blood and strengthen the blood-purifying organs - the kidneys, liver and spleen. It is also believed that the stone is able to protect its owner from various astral attacks, help open the world from a new angle, and decipher the signs that the Universe sends to people.

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Please note that only a few zodiac signs are recommended by astrologers to wear hematite: Cancer, Scorpio, Aquarius, Aries and Capricorn. For Gemini, Virgo and Pisces, it is categorically contraindicated. The rest of the signs, the stone should be worn only if the person is a practicing magician.

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Since hematite is designed to give courage and courage to its owner, it is, first of all, a talisman for men. In ancient times, pieces of stone were hung around the neck, sewn into clothes, hid in shoes, soldiers leaving for war. It was believed that the stone would help defeat any enemy.

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Women can also wear hematite as a talisman. He helps them at the start of any enterprise, as well as in vocational training.

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Please note that, based on the nature of this stone, you need to set it only in silver. It is able to bring happiness if worn on the index finger (for men on the right hand, for women on the left).

Step 6

When wearing a hematite pendant, know that it allows you to hear your own inner voice and enhances your intuition. A bracelet with these stones improves hearing, beads - vision. But at the same time, be careful - hematite, which is worn in large quantities, greatly lowers blood pressure.

Step 7

Traditional healers are advised to put a piece of stone on parts of the body that have sluggish and weak blood circulation. Nursing mothers can wear a talisman made of this stone on their chest - according to popular belief, it contributes to the abundance of milk.

Step 8

Hematite also helps in stabilizing the hormonal system, reduces the harmful effects of stress, relieves sleep disorders. It is believed that the stone even helps dissolve and remove stones from the bladder. It is noticed that in any case, hematite contributes to the improvement of the owner's energy, contributes to the maintenance of the body in good shape and a surge of new strength.

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