Sodium Chloride: Applications

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Sodium Chloride: Applications
Sodium Chloride: Applications

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Sodium chloride, or salt, is used in a wide variety of areas of human activity. With its help, they prepare food, fight various diseases, produce building materials, etc.

extraction of sodium chloride
extraction of sodium chloride

Sodium chloride is nothing more than ordinary table salt. Believe it or not, according to the Special Salt Institute, this product can be applied in 14,000 ways! Thanks to modern production methods, sodium chloride has become the most affordable nonmetallic mineral in the world, but its reserves are being depleted every day.

How it is used in everyday life

Sodium chloride is part of the intercellular fluid of most organisms living on earth, which is why it is so important for humans. And so the first application that comes to mind is cooking. Today, you can find sea salt, refined table salt and iodized salt on sale. All of them are used for cooking and homemade products. Salt is also an effective cleaning agent that acts as a catalyst for other substances and helps to remove dirt and unpleasant odors.

Perhaps the most unusual way to use salt in everyday life is to use it as a dish. Layers of Himalayan salt can replace cutting boards, pans and plates. It has become fashionable to install salt plates instead of traditional hobs. Salt lamps are also made from them - extremely popular products among supporters of a healthy lifestyle. The shades of the lamps take over the function of air ionizers. The same goes for candlesticks. Recently, there has been a growing demand for halite bricks and tiles, which are used for wall cladding.

Application in medicine and other fields

Sodium chloride solution, often called saline, is widely used in medicine. On its basis, various medications are prepared, and by itself it fights dehydration and damage to the skin. Salt is used for the prevention and treatment of colds. For the same reason, halotherapy, which involves visiting the salt caves, is extremely popular. The air in these caves is extremely rich in sodium chloride aerosols, which have a positive effect on the respiratory tract and skin of children and adults.

Sodium chloride is used to combat icy conditions, as well as in the scientific field of nanotechnology. Technical salt or halite is included in the production cycle of chemicals, glass and paper. Purified salt plays the role of the main filter element in water purification systems. This compressed sodium chloride not only filters water, but also traps harmful impurities and kills pathogens. Salt is used at the final stage of silvering metals - brass and copper. The end result of such actions is the receipt of jewelry, cutlery, electrical connectors, etc.

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