How To Issue An Ipre

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How To Issue An Ipre
How To Issue An Ipre

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An individual rehabilitation program (IPR) should be drawn up immediately after a medical and social examination by employees of federal state institutions of medical and social examination (MSE). The IPR is designed for people with disabilities only and the referral process for the program is no different from referral to the ITU.

How to issue an ipre
How to issue an ipre


  • - the passport;
  • - insurance policy;
  • - certificate of disability.


Step 1

Contact the deputy chief physician for ITU at the local polyclinic. Take the required documents with you.

Step 2

After the doctor issues sheet 88 of the form, you will need to pass blood and urine tests, undergo an ECG and fluorography, go to a therapist and a neurologist. Doctors conduct an examination in order to confirm that a citizen has a limited life. The documents record the state of the damaged organs and the degree of dysfunction of the body, which arose as a result of any injuries or defects. At the neurologist's appointment, dictate the rehabilitation means that you need to get (a corset for a spinal injury, an orthopedic apparatus or a walker) so that he will write them in your document.

Step 3

After passing all the doctors, contact the deputy head doctor again to make the appropriate seal, and then contact the ITU bureau, which can be located both in your polyclinic building and in a separate building. Check with your doctor for the exact address. Within two weeks after submitting the documents, you will receive an IPR in your hands.

Step 4

The most important thing for obtaining a rehabilitation program is to indicate a list of technical means that contribute to rehabilitation. Everything that is indicated there is paid for by means of the Social Insurance Fund.

Step 5

In the event that you were refused a referral to the ITU, an appropriate certificate is issued, on the basis of which you can independently contact the bureau without repeated examinations.

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