Where To Complain About The Pharmacy

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Where To Complain About The Pharmacy
Where To Complain About The Pharmacy

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It happens that a visit to a pharmacy ends with an unsuccessful purchase of a low-quality product or a pharmacist's mistake in issuing it, and finally, with outright rudeness of a pharmaceutical seller. In this case, there is a reciprocal desire to complain about this pharmacy.

Where to complain about the pharmacy
Where to complain about the pharmacy


Step 1

First of all, in case of a conflict at the cash desk of the pharmacy, contact the manager. Try to figure out the problem at this level. Perhaps the dispute will be resolved in your favor, and you will leave the pharmacy kiosk quite satisfied with the service.

Step 2

Ask for a complaint book at the pharmacy if your supervisor or pharmacist has not resolved your complaint. Enter a record in the book with a detailed description of the conflict that has arisen, leave your coordinates in it, ask to resolve your issue as soon as possible, put at the end of the record the date when you went to the pharmacy. Inform in writing in the complaint book that if your problem is not resolved, you will file a complaint against the pharmacy with the competent authorities.

Step 3

If you complain about a counterfeit product, an expired drug or a medicine of inadequate quality, contact Rospotrebnadzor, which has branches even in the smallest cities of the country. By the way, you can file a complaint with such a state institution by mail, including by e-mail. In your application to Rospotrebnadzor, describe in detail the situation that has arisen, attach a copy of the purchase receipt, other documents confirming your correctness.

Step 4

There is also another organization that resolves claims related to health care in the country, including conflicts that have arisen in pharmacies. This is Roszdravnadzor. Contact the branch of this organization in your city with a written statement and a complaint about a particular pharmacy.

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