What Sperm Should Look Like

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What Sperm Should Look Like
What Sperm Should Look Like

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The appearance of male sperm is one of the health factors of the stronger sex. If everything is normal with the seminal fluid, then there will be no problems with intimate life and the conception of offspring.

What sperm should look like
What sperm should look like


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The appearance of sperm depends on factors such as nutrition, regularity of sex, and lifestyle. Healthy sperm in appearance is a white or slightly gray liquid. Immediately after orgasm, the sperm thickens, becomes jelly-like, but after about 30 minutes it acquires its original appearance: it becomes liquid and translucent. If there are clots of a jelly consistency in the ejaculate, this is not a cause for panic. This phenomenon is considered the norm.

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A healthy man produces 2-4 milliliters of semen per ejaculation. If a representative of the stronger sex has a volume of semen too different from the norm in a larger or smaller direction, then this may indicate problems in the genital area. But one nuance should be taken into account. So with frequent sexual intercourse, the amount of sperm decreases significantly, and with prolonged abstinence, on the contrary, the volume of secreted fluid increases significantly.

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Healthy semen will taste a little sweet, due to the presence of fructose in its composition. By the way, the taste of a man's semen can vary depending on the diet. So fatty, smoked and salty foods, as well as onions, garlic and some other spices can significantly impair the taste of semen. But the fruit will significantly improve its taste. The semen may have a slightly "chlorine" odor. This phenomenon is considered normal and should not cause strong disturbances.

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It also happens that a man's sperm "deteriorates." In this case, it may acquire a greenish or some other shade. For example, if the seminal fluid has acquired a yellow or green tint, then this may indicate gonorrhea, a sexually transmitted disease. A reddish color of sperm may indicate a ruptured vessel. But if blood impurities in the liquid are observed for several days, then this is a reason to visit a doctor, since the reason can be serious.

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An unpleasant odor, a small amount or too thick semen may indicate the presence of any infections in a man's body. In order for the semen to be healthy, you need to give up alcohol, smoking and taking drugs. Men need to carefully monitor their diet, as food has a large impact on sperm quality. It is recommended to reduce the visit to the bath and sauna to once a month. High temperatures have a detrimental effect on the quality of the semen. By adhering to these rules, there will be no problems with ejaculation and the quality of semen.

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