How To Get Olive Color

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How To Get Olive Color
How To Get Olive Color

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Today, olive color is actively used not only by artists, but also by interior designers, fashion designers. Olive is one of the many shades of green. It is quite expressive as a color and therefore attracts special attention.

How to get olive color
How to get olive color


Yellow and green paints


Step 1

When working with gouache or watercolor, you need to prepare a small, cleanly washed container in which the resulting color will be placed. Also prepare a wooden or plastic stick - to stir the paints evenly (you can also mix it with a brush, but "purer" shades are obtained using a wooden stick). Carefully study the table for drawing up the color scheme (type in the corresponding request into the Internet search engine and open any link that appears), according to which you will need to mix yellow and green colors to get olive.

Step 2

Carefully place the green paint in the prepared container. Stir well with a small stick. Then add the yellow paint in small portions, stirring the paint thoroughly. Try to achieve uniformity in the color scheme. Follow the indicated algorithm until you get the desired color.

Step 3

This principle can be used not only in drawing, but also in painting. Oil, emulsion and water-based paints mix no worse than watercolors or gouache. Choose a container that matches the volume of the surface you are going to paint, pour green paint and in the same way gradually add yellow to it, stirring thoroughly, until you get an olive color!

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