How To Dry A Book

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How To Dry A Book
How To Dry A Book

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With a book, you can get caught in the rain, accidentally drop it into the water (pets or children usually successfully cope with this task). There can be many options, the result is the same: it gets wet and needs urgent drying. There are several ways to dry a book.

How to dry a book
How to dry a book


  • - paper with high absorbency;
  • - heating devices.


Step 1

Apply diffusion drying method. To do this, lay the book, damaged by water, every 10-15 sheets of paper with good absorbency. It can be filter paper or newsprint without text, however, in the absence of anything else, newspapers can also be used. If using coated paper, insert it into each sheet of the book. Change damp paper to dry paper as often as possible. When drying this way, the paper size must be larger than the page size. You just need to do this as quickly as possible. If it is not possible to immediately dry the book with paper, it is better to freeze it.

Step 2

Alternatively, air dry or blow hot air over the book. This is the most common method for drying books. This method is quite effective when the degree of wetting is not too high.

Step 3

Increase the temperature by using heating devices such as air heaters. To ensure air circulation, use a fan, hairdryer, air conditioner, ventilation system, or natural ventilation through doors and windows.

Step 4

Dry the book in a half-open state, that is, placing it on the edge of the book. Lightweight, thin books can be hung on taut ropes. Do not place books on steam radiators under any circumstances, as this can severely deform them.

Step 5

When the paper is almost dry and cool to the touch, gently reshape the book and place it under a medium-weight press. Do not stack drying books on top of each other. After drying, some moisture may remain in the spine in the block, so keep the room temperature for another 2-3 weeks at 18-22 ° C and relative humidity at 40-50%.

Step 6

Systematically monitor the condition of the books, make sure that no mold appears on them. Return books to the collection only after careful examination. Nevertheless, despite caution and adherence to all the rules and recommendations, books, as a result of such drying, can still be prone to warping.

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