Where To Drop Off The Old Bath

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Where To Drop Off The Old Bath
Where To Drop Off The Old Bath

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Parting with a bathroom, especially a cast-iron one, requires considerable effort. And you definitely can't do without outside help. But before you start dismantling, decide what to do with it next.

Where to drop off the old bath
Where to drop off the old bath


Step 1

Don't rush to break and throw away your old bathtub. It is likely that you will still need it. Invite friends or relatives to take her to the dacha, or do it yourself. As you know, household plots need watering, and plants cannot be watered with cold running water. Therefore, the old bathtub will come in handy as a container for water, and just for storing the new crop until it is transferred to the cellar.

Step 2

Another option for using an old bath in the country is to break a flower bed in it. To do this, pour drainage claydite onto the bottom of the bath, then soil. Plant flowers. The bathtub itself can be painted and painted to create a wonderful garden art object. In addition, using a bath on the site, you can arrange a decorative pond. Plan out where you would like to see it, dig the tub into the ground along the rim and place it with stones. You can plant flowers around or arrange flowers directly in pots.

Step 3

Try to attach a bath using online flea markets, visit your social media accounts. Submit an ad and ask your friends to repost.

Step 4

If the bathtub is old, but still working and in good condition, offer it to a plumber you know. For a reasonable fee, they can agree to pick it up. And since there are a lot of different ways to update the bathtub now, it is possible that it will soon have a new, more zealous owner. If all the methods have been tried, and things are still there, just take it to the trash can. And rest assured: it will disappear in a matter of minutes.

Step 5

If the dismantling of the bathtub did not go very smoothly and it turned out to be broken, rent it for scrap - for a seemingly useless old thing, it is quite possible to help out 10-15% of the cost of a new one. Look for an ad in a newspaper, magazine, call the scrap metal collection point and take the bath yourself. There may be a pickup service at the checkpoint, but it is likely to be expensive.

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