What Is A Block House And Where Is It Used

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What Is A Block House And Where Is It Used
What Is A Block House And Where Is It Used

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Today, a fairly large selection of materials for exterior decoration of buildings of any type is presented on the construction market. Block house is one of these materials and is used in environmentally friendly construction of buildings "under the timber".

Block house
Block house

Among the many materials used for exterior finishing work, the block house is interesting because only natural, high-quality and environmentally friendly raw materials are used for its manufacture. A few years ago, the block house was used mainly in the construction of saunas, gazebos and country houses, but now it is used in full swing for decorating large country houses.

Why a block house is better

Traditional rounded timber, whatever protection is used for it, eventually loses its "presentable" appearance. Under the influence of natural phenomena (rain, snow, fog), this material becomes covered with longitudinal cracks in a couple of decades, and it slowly begins to "lead" and warp.

The block house, despite its relatively low cost, is practically devoid of these disadvantages. A brick or even a wooden frame house, when decorating the walls of which a block house was used, will always look like a brand new one and delight the eye of its owner.

The secret is in technology

For the production of a block house, only the highest quality and durable coniferous and deciduous wood is used. In order to make, for example, four planks of a block house, on a special high-precision machine, a longitudinal cut of a log is made according to the "square in a circle" pattern on each of the four sides.

Thus, this technology is waste-free, since that part of the log that was not used for the production of the block house is used to make a square beam or flat board. The strength of the assembly of the block house is provided by the type of "groove-thorn" fastening, which is somewhat remotely reminiscent of the fastening of a wooden or plastic lining.

If the task is to choose the best quality block house, you should opt for a material made of coniferous wood: ordinary pine, Arkhangelsk pine (the most durable material) or cedar. Resins contained in coniferous wood provide additional hydro and thermal insulation of the material.

It is interesting that the block house can be used both for exterior and interior decoration of a building. Internal walls, "sheathed" with a block house, are an ideal solution for hunting lodges, restaurants, country, elite clubs. As a rule, a block house with a flatter shape is used for interior decoration.

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